Friday, May 8, 2015


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Charmaine Sheh will attempt a bungee jump off the Macau Tower
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Charmaine Sheh has not noticed Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan's rumors
Jessica Jann, Cissy Wang, Ankie Beilke
Hins Cheung injures the right side of his face in a bicycle accident
Meiki Wong
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Charmaine Sheh Si Man last night attended a cosmetic store opening. Other guests included Cissy Wang, Jessica Jann and Kei Ching and Kayla Wong Man Hei.

Ah Sheh is currently working on the film RETURN OF THE CUCKOO (SUP YUET CHOR NG DIK YUET GUONG), which will wrap at the end of May. She revealed that later the film will shoot on the Macau Tower. Did she have a fear of heights? She said, "That is secondary because it can be overcome, but I have old neck and hip injuries. I don't want to get hurt again so I am a little afraid. (Will you date after the wrap?) I hope so."

Boxing king Mike Tyson will work with Donnie Yen Chi Tan on the film IP MAN 3. Chi Tan's wife Cissy Wang said that originally she wanted to attend the film press conference in Shanghai too, but she was ailing and remained in Hong Kong. She said that she was scared for her husband and told him to get his insurance, because he was worried that Tyson would not be able to hold back during the shoot.

Mike Tyson claimed to have killed a bull with one punch, Cissy Said, "I don't believe it! He is very friendly, my husband says he is very nice. (Will you visit the set?) I will, I am trying to schedule it. I hope to support my husband and give him some strength." She also said that she had to have a chat with action director Yuen Woo Ping to ask him to "please" keep an eye on Chi Tan. Maybe she would give a gift and make soup for Tyson and make friends with him. Speaking of Tyson's ear biting incident, Cissy was even more worried. "He really has to get insurance. I wouldn't go to the set when I visited before, but this time I definitely have to go."

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