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Chapman To and Anthony Wong work together for the first time after their dispute.
Coco Chan already has love scenes in her first film
Would Kathy Yuen (right) be jealous of Ken Hung (center) and Gregory Wong's love scene?
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Artists Chapman To Man Chak, Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Gregory Wong Chung Hiu, Kathy Yuen (Tong Yi) and Ken Hung Cheuk Lap yesterday attended the Emperor distributed film THE MOBFATHERS (SUEN LO JOR)'s production start ceremony. Producer To Man Chak after rumors of dispute with Wong Chau Sun worked together for the first time, but they said that it was not awkward. Ah Jat even praised Chau Sun as friendly and very helpful. He believed that he was a big man with a big heart. Chau Sun denied that he "unfriended" him. "We chatted on the set. (Do you have any grudge?) What grudge? I never said that I unfriended him."

Show business couple Tong Yi and Hung Cheuk Lap did not have any scene together in the film. Instead Hung Cheuk Lap and Wong Chung Hiu had a "gay" relationship. Hung Cheuk Lap admitted that in the film he and Wong Chung Hiu would have a love scene. "It's conceptually daring. Tomorrow we will work on the love scene at a bath house." He also worried that he would show his pork belly when he would get topless. Tong Yi joked that she looked forward to the scene and wanted to catch a glimpse. Wong Chung Hiu was asked if he would have even more extreme bed scenes. He said that he did not know. "Ken gave me a piece of candy and said that it would give me better breath!" He hinted that they might likely have an additional kiss scene. He even said that he has already given his all to film.

Coco Chan Yi Lan went from a make up artist to the artists. Once To Man Chak's make up artist she was cast by name. In the film she would have a love scene with Ah Jat. As for the relationship change with Ah Jat, she said that it felt strange and she also said that in the film she would have an exotic dance scene.

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