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Justin Cheung loses 5 pounds after 3 days in the cell
Everyone wash way the bad luck from Justin Cheung with pomelo leaves
Mars Ma hopes to stay in the cell for over 7 days to win HK$ 20,000
Stephen Shiu Jr.
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Justin Cheung Kin Sing in order to promote his new film spent three days in a "prison car". Yesterday he was released after completing his "term"; boss Stephen Shiu Jr. picked him up and conducted a variety of ceremonies like fire basin leap and washing with pomelo leaves. The 19 year old Mars Ma Ka Yan will take over for him. Revealing that he has lost 5 pounds, Cheung Kin Sing said that the second day was the toughest. He had pressure from facing the public and almost collapsed. He was even delusional as he heard and saw things. He said that he has never suffered such damage. Will he need to see a doctor? Cheung Kin Sing said that his friends said he looked dazed. After resting for a few days he would decide. Raymond Chiu Wing Hung asked how he took care of his sexual desire, he joked that he looked for a spot behind the camera to take care of it. Later Cheung Kin Sing said, "Actually I meditated, where would I get the energy to do anything like that."

Stephen Shiu Jr. said that he never expected the overwhelming response to be in the cell. He was interested in building a stable prison in West Kowloon Center for more people to participate. He also praised Cheung Kin Sing. He would deserve a lot of credit for the film's success. He said that giving him a raise or a bonus would be the most practical.

Ma Ka Yan said that she participated in order to test her physical limits and challenge herself. Her family knew about it. She hoped to be able to surpass Cheung Kin Sing and stay for the full seven days to receive HK$ 20,000. She said that she was the most afraid of people taking photos of her while she was sleep and getting dirty. Luckily she was not in her period of inconvenience. To keep from collapsing from being locked up for too long, she said that she would pass her time by reading.

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