Thursday, May 28, 2015


Amber Kuo and Louis Koo keep riding their bicycles after the shoot
Louis Koo and Amber Kuo have so fun on and off camera, no wonder they are linked in rumors
Louis Koo still studies the details of the film on his break
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Louis Koo Tin Lok and Taiwan star Amber Kuo earlier worked together on the romance PARIS HOLIDAY (BA LAI GA KEI) were "ordered" to be "romantic". The film was shot on location in Paris, France. The bicycle scene was even shot under the famous landmark bridge Passy. In the compelling scenery of Europe, they were not only extra involved in their romantic scene but after the shoot they kept riding their bicycles for fun.

Amber Kuo said that Passy was also where the Leonardo DiCaprio starred INCEPTION was shot. Thus she felt even more romantic. Was she worried that riding privately with Goo Jai would make their rumor even hotter? She said, "No, he is my mentor! He has taught me a lot about acting, I am very appreciative of him."

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