Friday, May 8, 2015


William Chan adds pigtails to himself for Mother's Day
Anita Yuen and her son Morton Cheung
Vivian Hsu announces that she is having a son
Tsui Shaopin and his mother Gigi Wong at a cooking contest
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Gigi Leung and Sofia
Yumiko Cheng watches her daughter sleep and wishes herself a Happy Mother's Day
Janet Chow with her newborn JT
Gigi Lai presents flowers to her mother
Charlene Choi celebrates Mother's Day with her grandmother, mother and aunt.  She says her grandmother does not look like she is in her 90s.
Leila Tong with her son and her mother.  She thanks her mother for becoming the financial pillar for their family of five when she was growing up.
Hacken Lee with his wife Emily Lo and their mothers.  "Pretty Ma X 3, I wish all Pretty Mas in the world a Happy Mother's Day!"
Ian Gouw yesterday posts a photo with his late mother Michelle Szema 
Joey Yung thanks her mother for being the light in her life
Joey Yung
Joyce Cheng remembers her late mother Lydia Shum, "Mama will always be the best."
Wong Cho Nam comes from the same mold as his mother
Gigi Leung will spend her first Mother's Day with daughter Sofia, her mother and grandmother.
Angie Cheong's son is born with a heart defect and she is prepared for him to pass before her, but they do not care about how much time they have with each other.
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Yu Chiu cannot be happier to receive leaves from her daughters
Irene Wan shares a kiss with her son everyday
Angie Cheong is looking for a man who can accept her son
Yumiko Cheng's baby turns a month old
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