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Chin Wa and the 5 child star starred LITTLE BIG MASTER is the 12th highest grossing Hong Kong film of all time
Chin Wa through film understands that being with her son requires empathy and patience.
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The Miriam Yeung Chin Wa starred film LITTLE BIG MASTER (NG GOR SIU HAI DIK HAU JEUNG)'s current box office has exceeded HK$ 46 million and broken into the top 20 Hong Kong Chinese film highest grossing film in the 12th spot. She also got her first taste of being a HK$ 40 million female star! Earlier she and her five little co-stars landed on the June cover of fashion magazine MARIE CLAIRE. Seeing the magazine, Chin Wa said with surprise, "Wow! You got taller again! What are you eating? Did you put an effort into learning? You have to listen to Mommy, Daddy and Teachers!"

When Chin Wa first took the LITTLE BIG MASTER role she purely wanted to support Hong Kong film and the director, and as a mother. She admitted, "This is a very hard to make movie, first the five children have to be sensible and cannot be spoiled. Then I have never taught, teaching is a professional occupation. I am afraid that I can't do it. however the script has a very strong concept about children's education. Coincidentally I have a child and it was very able to move me."

Chin Wa also through the film understood that being with and communicating with her son required empathy and patience, sharing with him as an equal. Chin Wa recently got sick and had to rest at a hospital, the children through the film company sent her text messages to console her.

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