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Miriam Yeung hopes her son would exercise more for his health
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Miriam Yeung Chin Wa yesterday and the real principal of the film LITTLE BIG MASTER (NG GOR SIU HAI DIK HAU JEUNG)'s Lui Lai Hung attended an event at the Hong Kong Institute of Education. Chin Wa shared his experience and how she educates her son Torres. She received the praises of teachers and students. A teacher even expressed interest in inviting Chin Wa to be the Hong Kong Institute of Education goodwill ambassador. Chin Wa said that she felt deeply honored.

Chin Wa said that every time she chatted with Principal Lui Lai Hung, she learned a lot. Principal Lui has provided her with a lot of opinions on educating her son Torres. She admitted that she would have pressure from communicating with her son as a mother. "I would ask Principal Lui and she would give me suggestions that are rather useful."

Chin Wa also said that her son Torres liked to listen to her tell stories, but she also worried that some story books are not suitable for children. "If it is content that is easily understood, I might as well tell him directly something that he would understand. Then through the story I would educate him on some principles of life."

Would she give her son sex education. Chin Wa pointed out that it was too early as her son has not started asking questions yet. Later when her son started to become curious he would answer questions, then she would need to educate him.

Chin Wa also said that Torres could tell when she wore make up and when she did not. Every time he saw her with make up on he would get upset since he knew that she had to work. He would say, "Mommy go out now." Would she be a monster parent? Chin Wa said that she would according to her son's interest arrange for some suitable classes for her. "Because every child has his own personality, you should find a right way to communicate. That is the most normal, most effective way for him to learn."

Chin Wa also revealed that lately she has been ill. She was afraid that her son would inherit her allergy and wanted him to learn to play soccer. In June she will begin her concert tour. Was she worried that her illness would affect her work? Chin Wa said that she would use her own rational ways to rest, she believed that she would recover soon.

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