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The Shu Qi and Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) starred eloping romantic comedy ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE (LOK PAU BA OI CHING) yesterday held a Beijing press conference. The GRANNY's PENGHU BAY music video and film footage were shown. Before the start of the event "fake Siu Chai" Lu Kung-Wei (Jiu Kong) performed HEART TOO SOFT and even want into the audience to shake hands with the "authentic" Siu Chai.

Then Shu Qi and Siu Chai appeared hand in hand. First time director and actor Siu Chai was asked why he made this romantic film. He said that he wanted to take everyone's eyes on vacation. LOK PAU meant "sneaking off". He hoped that everyone would bravely do so and bravely chase what they were after. In the film Shu Qi dumped someone tall, rich and handsome. She joked that she did not want to but the story called for it. Siu Chai took the chance to thank Shu Qi. He said that when she had a film that was postponed, he immediately grabbed her for this film. Shu Qi also was the one who told him the old captain story in ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. In the film Siu Chai even sang a song with Shu Qi.

Shu Qi said that she tried to play a prank on Siu Chai on the set. She said, "Everyone said that he was no temper, so I want to see for myself. We deliberately had bad takes, which almost made him miss his flight. However he still didn't get mad." Siu Chai said that his weakness was "dark faced Shu Qi". Because the shoot location was a sunny beach, there was nowhere to hide. When a girl got a tan from the sun, how would he make up for that?

Shu Qi said that everyone in love would run into a bottleneck. Only after leaving for awhile would they finally the truth about love. Back then she in order to avoid her Taiwan boyfriend ran to Hong Kong to make movies. Did Siu Chai play matchmaker for Shu Qi? Shu Qi immediately gave him an angry stare, which made everyone laugh. Siu Chai replied in a hurry, "It was a misunderstanding, this film was only Jiu Kong, how could I push my sister into the fire?"

Did Shu Qi pay attention to the "little fresh meat" that appeared in the film industry in recent years? She thought for awhile and said, "Lately I noticed (Kris) Wu Yifan. He is decent. (Do you want to work with him?) I am almost retired, save him for the pretty girls."

As the event ended, everyone opened bottles of champagne to wish ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE soaring success at the box office.

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