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Leo Ku has won countless music awards.  This time he wins his first Best Supporting Actor award
A fan rushes to the stage and stuns Leo Ku
A fan moves Leo Ku with sincerity and sings LOVE AND HONESTY
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Leo Ku has won countless music awards. This year he also developed well on a Mainland variety program. Finally he received recognition for his film work as well. Earlier he attended the 3rd China International Film Festival London and won Best Supporting Actor with TWO THUMBS UP (CHUNG FUNG CHEH). He said, "I am very happy because in the past I have won many music awards, it was the first time that I won an award as an actor. So I was especially happy to fly to London."

Gei Jai revealed that next year he will write and direct a film. He hoped that this time he would be able to share his work as a director with everyone. This time Gei Jai caught up with friends on the trip. "Because (Karen) Mok Man Wai lives in London, I had tea with her. The entire process was very light and happy." Speaking of manager Mani Fok Man Hei saying that he had over 50 film offers, he said, "I have heard her mention many film offers for me, I would see if the schedule or the film is suitable. However I won't give up singing, I wouldn't just focus on making films. Singing and acting can happen at the same time for a balance."

During the award ceremony, a Chinese English fan who spoke Putonghua suddenly rushed the stage and claimed to be Gei Jai's super fan. He even learned Cantonese and hoped to sing LOVE AND HONESTY with his idol. The audience was in a uproar, Gei Jai agreed and clapped along with the entire audience as the fan sang acapella.

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