Tuesday, May 26, 2015


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The film THE CHOICE was the first story that TVB authorized as a continuation of THE BUND in 30 years. Th story started with the Chow Yun Fat played Hui Man Keung stepping out of the Paramount. Hui Man Keung will return to life and become a godfather level character. Ting Lik will turn into the villain and meet a tragic end. Leon Lai will play Hui Man Keung for the first time and the film will open on October 1st.

THE CHOICE's production has been going on for eight years and even spent a year and half on a special effect scene -- an one minute panorama shot of Shanghai according to the 1931 old map, which would be unprecedented. The film will merge Hui Man Keung and Ting Lik into real historical background, from the July 7th Incident to the victory over Japanese Aggression as they became two of the Shanghai tycoons. Lai Ming said that this time he needed to have the solemn and heavy presence of the Godfather. For perfection, the director early in editing removed a lot of completed shots and kept rebuilding the team and shooting again. Lai Ming stated that the "Godfather" was too hard to play. Another bright spot was Gao Yuanyuan's performance as the androgynous yet very cool mob tycoon, a woman in a man's disguise who even had a tragic older woman, young man romance with Ma Tianyu. The most wonderful was that this time the screen writer and the director were completely invisible. The film company said that the writer was not an industry insider and only appeared under the pen name "Shang Ru". He did not want to be famous and thus will not appear in public.

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