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Wu Jing took 500 kicks from Max Zhang and jokingly asks his son "to avenge his father"
Injuring his face for the film, Wu Jing says he is no longer willing to risk his life
Simon Yam opens fire to protect Wu Jing
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Wu Jing, Max Zhang Jin, Philip Keung Ho Man, Ken Low Wai Kwong and BabyJohn Choi Hong Yik two nights ago along with producer Paco Wong promoted their film SPL 2 (SAT POR LONG II) in Tsuen Wan. Zhang Jin revealed that during the shoot he was injured when his left rib fractured from a kick from Thai actor Tony Jaa. Then Wu Jing hit the top of his head and his neck pain lingered for a long time. Zhang Jin said that director Soi Cheang Po Shui did not permit his wife Ada Choi Siu Fun from visiting the set.

This time Zhang Jin played a prison warden, a villain. He admitted that he hated himself for such a performance, when he made Tony Jaa's on screen daughter cry. Was he worried that his wife would hate him too after watching? He said that it would be the best for her not to see how he looked then. During the shoot, every time he got home he would first pick up his daughter to leave the character.

Wu Jing was also injured this time. In one prison scene he fell from seven meters above and almost slashed his face on a chair. He also took 500 kicks from various co-stars and set an action actor record. He said, next time he would want to be re-assigned to hit Zhang Jin. Zhang's wife was said to be very mean, Wu Jing joked, "So she wasn't permitted to visit the set."

Wu Jing has never used a double for his action scenes, but after having a wife and a child he no longer wanted to take risk or gamble with his life. Thus he would take the full safety precaution before performing. Wu Jing also revealed that his dream was to invest on an action film and find all the best on and off screen talent. He estimated that it will not happen until next year, because this year he will have to rest and be with his family.

In the film Simon Yam Tat wa in order to save Jun Kung Shek Leung opened fire against the Keung Ho Man led robbers at the cruise ship pier. To protect the safety of the undercover Wu Jing, Yam Tat Wa kept Choi Hong Yik from firing at Wu Jing. Yet Keung Ho Man uncovered Wu Jing's identity. Yam Tat Wa immediately shot Keung Ho Man in a bloody exchange.

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