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Dante Lam and Carlos Chan went to a school
Carlos Chan required surgery after his injury
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The Emperor film TO THE FORE (POR FUNG) director Dante Lam Chiu Yin earlier with Carlos Chan Ka Lok visited eight major cities in China to being the "ride to school" events and student exchanges, to discuss the hardship of the film production and the youth ignited hot blooded dreams in the film.

The shoot had numerous difficulties. Director Lam said, "Everyone contributed a lot of effort to this film, almost all the participating actors were injured. Everyone's fall was very exciting. Everyone's rear was left with scars that belonged to TO THE FORE, especially Chan Ka Lok. He represented that TO THE FORE spirit. To his personally falling was good, it introduced him to even more people. Everyone knew that he was a very professional actor, from then on he would have many big film offers."

Last year the team shot in Taiwan. Ka Lok had an accident while riding at 50 kilometers per hour. His head and shoulder hit the ground and he broke his left clavicle. After less than a month after his surgery he rapidly returned to work. During this promotion, Ka Lok shared his work injury experience with the students. He learned that even if running into many falls in life they might not necessarily be bad. He had to bravely face them.

During the student exchange, Director Lam was asked about the difference between TO and his previous film UNBEATABLE (GIK JIN). He said, "UNBEATABLE was a story that inspired middle aged people. This time with TO THE FORE I wanted to encourage young people. TO THE FORE even leaned toward growing up and lost, while growing up how you face setback and the more you suffer the more courageous you get." Actually Director Lam was also very "hot blooded" during this Mainland trip. Even if he was ill he still persevered. "I felt very hot blooded over those days, everyday I had to fly to a different place and felt that my little bit of remaining youth was still burning."

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