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Gregory Wong and Coffee Lam
Justin Cheung
Tsui Kam Kong returns from Beijing to promote
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Gregory Wong tries to distract Coffee Lam with a furry stick
Coffee Lam wipes the sweat off Justin Cheung
Tsui Kam Kong who has been working mainly on Mainland productions in recent years squats with "former prisoner" Mars Ma
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Coffee Lam Chin Yu, Gregory Wong Chung Hiu, Justin Cheung Kin Sing, Mars Ma Ka Wan and Tsui Kam Kong yesterday promoted the new film IMPRISONED: SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR RICH AND PRODIGAL (YUT YUK YUT SAI GAI). Several decade people competed in the "squatting" contest. Coffee according to the event director took a furry tickler to disturb male contestants. Some even screamed in excitement. Wong Chung Hiu during the group photo took a pair of prop handcuffs and locked Coffee to the prop prison bars. Coffee chatted with Cheung Kin Sing nonstop while waiting to take her place. When she saw how much he was sweating she wiped it away for him very attentively.

Coffee said about her love scene with Wong Chung Hiu in the film, "Aside from one scene, every scene of mine was a love scene with Wong Chung Hiu. I was OK with the low cut shirt and short dress, but conceptually the scene was very daring. During the screening I had to cover my face, I was afraid that my family would see the film and I would be embarrassed. Daddy earlier asked me if I finished the film and what it was about, I stopped for three seconds and didn't know how to answer. My former boyfriend asked me why I was making a category III film. I didn't pay him any attention. He isn't my boyfriend, just an ex, what business is it of his? (The one in the handicapped bathroom stall?) No, a boyfriend from even before then."

Wong Chung Hiu talked about his fiery performance with Coffee, he said, "It wasn't awkward, everyone was very professional. You know how amazing Coffee is, I mean her magnetic field. She also practices yoga, she is very limber. (Coffee's ex complained.) Which one? The handicapped bathroom one? Why did he complain> If he really loved her then he shouldn't have dumped her. Originally she could just pack up and get married, she might not have to become an actor. Now Coffee is self reliant, supporting her entire family alone. I heard that she is even buying a home. She has taken her route well, I wish her well."

Cheung Kin Sing revealed that he had a lipoma. "My Pa has had cancer, so I am a little worried. Several days ago I had to show off my muscles for a commercial, I was afraid that people would mistake my lipoma for muscle. So I am considering a micro surgery later to remove the 'dragon ball'."

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