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Sister Bo Bo is not afraid of host Johnson Lee in order to promote her film.
Petrina Fung and her younger son Chiu Kai Chung for the first time
Hacken Lee hints that he will appear on the program again with Joey Yung as their concert series approaches
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Petrina Fung Bo Bo, Hacken Lee Hak Kun and Susan Shaw Yam Yam two nights ago went to the Tseung Kwan Ho Television City for a taping of SZE YOU TONIGHT. Sister Bobo who has been promoting her new film WONDER MAMA (MA MI HUP) dressed up for the occasion. She said, "Tonight I dress better. I don't know what Lee Sze Jit will ask me, but I come of course to promote my new film." Sister Bobo put such an effort into promoting the film, her young son Chiu Kai Chung was the assistant director.

Did they have any argument from working as a "mother and son team"? Sister Bobo said, "I expected this question, so I told (Clifton) Ko Chi Sum that he would be responsible for my scenes. Kai Chung would shoot other actors to avoid any argument that might hinder the progress." He also said that normally Kai Chung rarely agreed to attend her events, but this year's Mother's Day happened to be the premiere of the film. Mother and son turned work into play, which made her very happy.

Sister Bobo in the film had two jobs, an executive producer and an actor. Yet she humbly said, "Ko Chi Sum was the one who gave me the title. I mainly help with sponsor negotiations. The format is like a film producer. I feel this type of job is rather fresh." She also praised Ko Chi Sum was very sincere this time. He planned WONDER for ten years, just the script writing took several years.

Hacken who will work with Joey Yung Cho Yi on a concert series in September revealed that people have already asked him for tickets. Hacken also said that last time he will appear on the program with Joey. "This time I will sing the new song that Principal (Alan Tam Wing Lun) wrote for me solo. Next time I will promote the concert with Joey. Joey and I are easy going, a lot of our discussions go very smoothly."

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