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Shawn Yue and Choi Si-Won
Shawn Yue, Jacky Cheung and Nick Cheung
Jacky Cheung demonstrates how Nick Cheung gets kicked in "Little Fai Fai"
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The film HELIOS (CHET DOH) gathered Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Wang Xueqi, Shawn Yue Man Lok, Chang Chen, Korean stars Choi Si-Won, Ji Jin-Hee and others. Its Mainland box office already broke 160 million RMB in its first week. Aside from its attractive cast, the film's many action and explosive scenes were also its focus.

Si-Won was a member of the Korean boy band Super Junior. Singing and dancing naturally were not hard for him, but this time in the film he had to open fire and fight. Did he feel they were very hard? He said, "Physical action like chases is no problem, the biggest problem was weapon use. I spent a lot of time to learn how to use it. (Was it a real gun?) No, it is just like a real gun. (You look very cool in many scenes, which one is your favorite?) My favorite is the gun fight with Lok Jai." How did the international cast communicate with each other this time? Si-Won said in Putonghua, "I used English and Chinese."

Lok Jai worked with the most actors this time. He felt it was a rare opportunity and it was also the main reason that he took the role. He said, "Out of the seven actors, I have only worked with Mr. Wang Xueqi. I believe we would have new spark. (Yet in comparison you have less screen time this time?) I don't mind that. If everyone is fighting for screen time, then wouldn't the movie have to be 4 hours long? (Do you have to leave some room for the sequel?) That's a good question, but a sequel would depend on how well this performance is. The directors actually already have their own ideas. This subject is also easier to write than COLD WAR, with more space, as it develops it may have even more possibilities."

As for the three Best Actors in the film, how did Si-Won feel about them? They said that he only had a few scenes with them, which was regrettable. However that did not matter because they treated Si-Won very well. They gave him guidance and he even sang with Hok Yau! Lok Jai said, "Hok Yau sang any and all songs, it was like a concert. It was great if we had to wait longer to take our places, because we could listen to songs. (Did you sing along?) Don't joke! There is no point for me to embarrass myself, I am better off dedicating songs from the side."

In addition, Lok Jai yesterday with Hok Yau, Ka Fai, Feng Wenjuan and directors Sunny Luk Kim Ching and Longman Leung Lok Man attended the Guangzhou press conference. Cheung Ka Fai joked on the stage, "I am Cheung Hok Yau!" Then Cheung Hok Yau replied, "I am Cheung Ka Fai!". Did they both want to be nominated for Best Actor with the film? They said that they wanted the directors to win Best Director.

In front of "Song God" Ka Fai said, "Actually I know how to sing the theme song, the Korean part." Hok Yau immediately sang a few versions of the Cantonese version, then told Ka Fai to follow. Ka Fai then jokingly sang in Korean "Sa la hey (I love you), come sa mi da (thank you)!" Hok Yau was asked why he and Ka Fai did not sing together. Hok Yau said that Ka Fai has already given up his singing career. He also said that his daughter might not support him, since this film was not suitable for children. In the film Ka Fai fought with Janice Man Wing Shan. Hok Yau revealed, "JM just kept beating him up, as soon as she saw she would kick him where it hurt. He had to 'bite' to save himself."

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