Saturday, May 16, 2015


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Karena Ng Chin Yu two nights ago attended a fashion event. Lately she has been busy with the film IP MAN 3. The film company this time invited former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson to participate. Many of Chin Yu's male friends asked her to get an autograph for them, but so far she has not been unable to help her friends because he has ten massive bodyguards around him. His wife was also by his side so she did not dare to get close. Chin Yu said that she took a photo with him. In addition Tyson did not talk much, perhaps he was tired from the shoot.

Later Chin Yu will return to Shanghai for the shoot. In the film Chin Yu will take a beating. She said that she still has not shot that scene. Has boyfriend Raymond Lam Fung visited the set yet? Chin Yu said that her boyfriend has been working overseas so he has not visited yet.

Reportedly Lam Fung's TVB series A STEP INTO THE PAST (CHUM CHUN GEI) will have a film version. Chin Yu said that she has always seen the series and felt it was rather entertaining. Yet she said that at the time she was only in first grade. Did she like Louis Koo Tin Lok or Lam Fung at the time? Chin Yu said that at the time she was still little and did not know to like stars yet. However at the time many people at school were talking about that series. Would she like to play Sonija Kwok Sin Nei's character? Chin Yu said that she has never thought about it, but if the original team would perform the film version she believed it would be very exciting.

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