Monday, May 11, 2015


Jang Hyuk teaches Simon Yam some Korean to pick up girls with.
Jang Hyuk and Simon Yam play supermen
Simon Yam and Wallace Huo
Simon Yam puts his archery skills on display
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Recently a Mainland film company invested in a Sherlock Holems style mystery film INSIDE OR OUTSIDE (JUNG SEUNG GUM KUI) and invited Korean hunk Jang Hyuk to star. At first he turned it down due to scheduling problem. Jang Hyuk immediately changed his itinerary to make it happen. He also left his newborn daughter to his wife and went to Taiwan alone for the location shoot.

Brother Wa and Jang Hyuk both have arrived in Taipei and met up with Taiwan actor Wallace Huo (Fok Kin Wa). Brother Wa planned to stay there for a month. Originally yesterday morning they shot a car chase but rain affected the shoot. Due to the tight schedule, as soon as the team saw the rain subsided they immediately began work in the afternoon. When the team lifted up the car with wires, Brother Wa and Jang Hyuk played supermen and "propped" up the car for photos.

Speaking of this fan and co-star, Brother Wa said, "He is great. Although we don't speak the same language, we have great chemistry. I am fighting for the chance to learn Korean and ask him to teach me one line everyday. Today he taught me to praise how pretty a girl is. (Were you praising everyone everywhere?) Yes, you can't give too many praises. (Did you take Jang Hyuk to dinner?) We don't have much time. At night I have to have fruit and oatmeal healthy diet. Everyone had the lunch box on the set the most. (Reportedly he took the role because of you.) Don't say that, it's just an exchange."

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