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Tam Bing Man, Nancy Sit, Wu Fung, Law Lan and Chow Chung
Tam Bing Man and Nancy Sit demonstrate forced perspective kiss scene
Everyone enjoys the edited Cantonese film footage
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TVB Network Vision's Classic Movies station has already launched in April. Yesterday station chiefs Nancy Sit Ka Yin and Wu Fung (Brother Sau) along with Cantonese film actors Helena Law Lan, Chow Chung and Tam Bing Man held a press conference in Lung Wah Hotel in Shatin. They not only shared their Cantonese film production experience but Sister Ka Yin also demonstrated the forced perspective kiss scene with Brother Bing. Brother Sau after watching joked, "I wouldn't shoot with forced perspective, at the time I definitely would kiss for real." Everyone cracked up.

Sister Ka Yin said that back then she started as a child star, when the other four were already young leads. She said, "At the time the most amazing was Sister Law Lan. If the studio had four stages, Sister Law Lan would have to work on all four." Who did Sister Ka Yin's first on screen kiss go to? She said, "(Kenneth) Tsang Kong, but at the time it wouldn't be a real kiss. They were all shot with forced perspective, that's why after so many years I still haven't been kissed. Only earlier when I made MY SPIRITUAL EX LOVER Tang Chi Fung (Patrick Dunn) kissed me, thus at the time I screamed." Classic Cantonese film footage was shown as well. Brother Sau after watching it admitted that he was not sentimental because the past should be let go. He said, "Now I can only savor it, savor how busy I was back then, the co-workers and the colleagues I have worked with."

Sister Law Lan was revealed that she had to work on all four stages at the studio, she explained. "Because at the time I had to pay off a car and a home, I calculated that I had to make four movies every month to maintain the expenses. In addition at the time all the costumes were my own. I often played villains and rich girls so I had to save up for costume expenses." Sister Law Lan even revealed that Brother Sau back then had a HK$ 500 monthly costume allowance, but Brother Sau immediately looked around and did not response. Sister Law Lan joked, "Silence means you admit it." TVB's TO Chi Hak revealed that the Classic Movies station archive now has around 1,500 Cantonese films from 1947 to 1976, half of which came from the earlier ATV film archive purchase.

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