Saturday, May 16, 2015


Chapman To takes the brothers on patrol
Ronald Cheng (right) visits Chapman To on the set
Chapman To's make upa artist Coco Chan wants to act
Carlos Chan leads the police against Chapman To
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Chapman To Man Chak recently has been busy with the Emperor film production THE MOBFATHERS (SUEN LO JOR). Reportedly the film will show the darkest side of the underworld on the big screen. The film will have its share of sex and violent scenes. The film required a female character who excelled in exotic dance and hot performance. Ah Jat called in all of his favors but still was unable to find a suitable choice. Finally he made his make up artist Coco Chan Yi Lan to go from behind the scene to in front of the camera!

Actually Coco has always wanted to act. Earlier she even studied related courses overseas. her sincerity touched Ah Jat. With her pretty face and lack of regard for her body, Ah Jat recommended her to director Herman Yau Lai To and they clicked immediately. Sun Entertainment even signed Coco and will give her a full push later. Ah Jat said, "I wish her all the best in her future. (Do you have to look for another make up artist?) What can I do? Don't get in the way of other people making a living." In the film Ah Jat and Coco even had a passionate bed scene and he had the full support of his wife Kristal Tin Yui Nei.

Ah Jat two nights ago with Carlos Chan Ka Lok and Philip Keung Ho Man worked on a street negotiation scene in Tsim Sha Tsui. over 100 extras were used. Ronald Cheng Chung Kei even visited the set. Would Ah Jat be disturbed during the shoot? He said, "It has been smoother than I imagined, we finish work very quickly. Hong Kong Police is really great. Earlier when we shot such scenes in the bar district we were afraid that we might get into trouble. Now the noisiest and the more troublesome are only us (the production). On the entire set only 'T-Rex' (Cheng Chung Kei) dared to collect protection money from people."

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