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Chapman To extends his contract as a fast food chain spokesperson
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Chapman To makes up with Anthony Wong and often takes photos from their set
Wylie Chiu carries Anthony Wong's scepter
Anthony Wong is convincing as the mob boss
Chapman To takes a series of "godfather photos" for Anthony Wong
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Artists Chapman To Man Chak and Anthony Wong Chau Sun earlier turned on each other after a difference of opinions. Wong Chau Sun even said, "To Man Chak's last friend has left him." Yet there is no forever enemy in the business. They in the Herman Yau Lai To directed Emperor Motion Picture MOBFATHERS (SUEN LO JOR) reunited. As the producer and the actor, To Man Chak and Wong Chau Sun chatted on the set. Avid photographer To Man Chak valued this collaboration and would met him whether it was at Wong Chau Sun's costume fitting or on the set when he did not have a scene. At the same time he took many photos of Wong Chau Sun and posed on his personal social site, hinting that they have already made up.

Wong Chau Sun also had a new breakthrough with his costume. Earlier Chau Sun worked on location in a "godfather look". With long hair extensions and dressed in black, he often carried a dog. Also on hand was Wylie Chiu Shek Chi. Reportedly Chau Sun in the film guest starred as a powerful mob boss with prostate cancer. Wong Chau Sun revealed, "Chiu Shek Chi plays my secretary. (She is very sexy!) She is sexy no matter how she dresses, sexy and showing skin are two different matter. (Is it a salute to the Godfather?) Actually this look is right. The scepter is a gift from my acting class student Yan Zifei. I see how suitable it is for the character so I am using it."

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