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Jackie Chan gets on his knees and cracks up host Matilda Tao, Ouyang Nana and Show Luo
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Jackie Chan jokingly begs for forgiveness after not being able to remember a film official's name

Piggy acts surprised when he hears the "truth"
Ouyang Nana and Piggy feed Jackie Chan
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Jackie Chan, Show Luo and Ouyang Nana yesterday attended the new film BLEEDING STEEL's Taipei production start press conference. Jacki Chan said that he and Piggy constantly chatted on the set and became good friends. Piggy also acted up when Nana was posing for photos.

Earlier Eddie Peng Yu-Yan was rumored to have upset Jackie Chan and was replaced. Jackie Chan denied. "Eddie and I are very close. When he and Big Brother (Sammo Hung Kam Bo) made movies, I was with him on many scenes. All I heard were he was very fast and hard working, a young man with professionalism. I look forward to working with him." Piggy played jealous and asked Jackie Chan, "Will he or I star in the next film?" Jackie Chan said, "Of course Eddie!" Piggy then asked, "If Eddie and I fell into the sea, would you save me or him?" Jackie Chan helplessly said, "That's very hard! Why when I just finished would you start this topic after I just explained?"

Director Leo Zhang Lijia was asked about casting. "I decided this film's actors. Piggy had more "joyous' scenes. The other artists were too handsome! I chose Ouyang Nana because choices of actors under age 20 are few." As the director seemed to be on a downward spiral, Piggy joked, "Actually you chose me because I wasn't handsome enough! You chose Nana because you had no choice!" Host Matilda Tao Ching Ying said, "Piggy is handsome and funny, Nana is in full development, chosen from tens of thousands!" Jackie Chan was scared out of his wits and caught completely off guard. Later he also could not the Taipei Film Commission representative's job title and suddenly got on his knees to beg for everyone's forgiveness.

Jackie Chan said that the film will shoot in Taiwan for 45 days. His wife Joan Lin and son Jaycee Chan will probably visit. Two days ago Cho Ming sent 20 bowls of cold noodles and pork balls to the team.

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