Thursday, September 15, 2016


Ada Pong, Mariya Nagao, and Linah Matsuoka
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Ada Pong, Japanese model Linah Matsuoka and former Japanese girl group AKB48 member Mariya Nagao yesterday attended a fashion store opening. They not only shared their fashion experience but also carried lanterns for the new store lantern lighting ceremony. They also tried moon cakes. Nagao also put her hand on her head to play a cute bunny.

Although Linah Matsuoka and Nagao both came from Japan, they only met for the first time yesterday. Matsuoka said that she has lived in Hong Kong for two years, so she had no idea who were AKB members. However she thought Nagao was very cute. Matsuoka yesterday took time off to attend the event in Hong Kong and even bought moon cake for the holiday. She said that she just worked with Japanese star Norika Fujiwara on the new film YUT YEH JOI SING MING. After the Japanese shoot she will head to Macau to continue the production. Working with Norika for the first time, she praised her as beautiful. In the film she played Masatoshi Nakamura's daughter. She said that he was very funny. Even though he was in his 60s, he still looked very young and very attractive and appeared very young and cool. She said that Nakamura brought a guitar to the set and jam with her. Once Nakamura planned to take her for ice cream after work. When they got to the store they were already closed. However as soon as the clerk saw Nakamura the door was immediately opened, which was very memorable for her.

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