Sunday, September 11, 2016


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Fiona Sit Hoi Kei yesterday was the opening ceremony guest for the late superstar Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's large scale exhibit LESLIE CHEUNG 60TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION: LESLIE CHEUNG MUSIC ART EXHIBITION. "Gor Gor" Cheung Kwok Wing's past record releases, his contract with Capital Artist records and the never before seen PILOT'S WIND BREAKER music video were on display.

Star "Gor Gor fan" Fiona not only had all of Cheung Kwok Wing's record but also attended all the concerts she could. The most regrettable was when she started in the business it was the year of Gor Gor's passing, and she never had a chance to work with her idol. Fiona said to the media as soon as she arrived yesterday, "Welcome to my husband's home. In my lifetime I only have one idol -- Gor Gor. I watched his concerts ten times without getting tired. I have all of his records. The most memorable was RED, which both my parents and I liked to listen to. In order not to fight over it, we bought three copies."

Because Fiona started in the business the year Gor Gor passed away, she fantasized about singing with him on the stage. "So no matter how small the concert was I would sing one of Gor Gor's song. Each time I sang his songs I would feel very happy, but also a little heartache." Fiona even said that two nights ago she played Gor Gor's new record at home and sang along with a bluetooth wireless microphone. She said that she grew up with Gor Gor's record. As for how she would remember Gor Gor on his birthday, Fiona said that every year she would post something on social media. She said, "I remember Gor Gor said that he did not dare to wish for everyone would remember her, but if one day he no longer sing and he aged, as long as everyone would still mention his name he would already be very pleased."

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