Tuesday, September 20, 2016


courtesy of on.cc

Mainland star Huang Xiaoming and Petrina Fung Bo Bo in the Wong Jing directed comedy MISSION MILANO played son and mother. Fung Bo Bo in the film often played pranks on Xiaoming, including choking him and tying him up. Xiaoming said that the toughest was when Fung Bo Bo gave him fish tank water as if it was soup. In a show of filial duty he toughed it out and downed it in one breath. Later he said, "Sister Bo Bo is really great, when she hits me she would hold back. Unfortunately a big prank like 'gold fish soup' was inevitable. After that I got sick so many times I lost count!" Later, Fung Bo Bo praised Xiaoming as very playful. They would even improvise new comedy material and made everyone laugh nonstop on the set.

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