Monday, September 12, 2016


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Daffy Tong thanks fans for their love for Leslie Cheung

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Eason Chan

Patrick Lui
Around 3000 fans attended
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Yesterday would have been "Gor Gor" Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's 60th birthday. "Gor Gor's" former managr Chan Suk Fun and her son Chan Ka Ho, "Gor Gor's" friends Mrs. Chang Cheh, Lin Yim Fai and "Gor Gor's" former assistant Kenneth along with over a thousand "Gor" fans from around the world went to Po Fook Hill with birthday cake, fruits, origami cranes, flowers, desserts, cards, papier mache mansions, watches, skin care products and offerings to celebrate "Gor Gor's" birthday.

The LesFanmily club song DEAR LESLIE yesterday premiered at midnight. Mrs. Chan brought this song to Po Fook Hill to share with "Gor" fans and to present to "Gor Gor" as a birthday gift. "Gor" fans listened to the song that spoke from their hearts while lining up to present flowers to "Gor Gor". Everyone sincerely celebrated with "Gor Gor".

The Japanese "Gor" fans as usual folded origami cranes as gifts to "Gor Gor" and personally brought them to Po Fook Hill. 912 red and gold origami cranes represented good luck. Red was not only "Gor Gor's" favorite color but also a representation of "Gor" fans' burning and unchanging hearts for "Gor Gor". Last night Chan Suk Fun also led "Gor" fans to a "Gor Gor" memorial event at the Central Harbor Front Event Space.

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