Thursday, September 8, 2016


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Cecilia Yip Tung yesterday attended THE WAY WE WERE The 60th Anniversary of Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing exhibit as the ribbon cutting guest. Many valuable photos of Cheung Kwok Wing were on display, as well as many stars' hand written letters to Gor Gor. The most special was the mahjong trophy that was named after Gor Gor, the Kwok Wing Cup.

Yesterday would have been Gor Gor's 60th Lunar birthday. A group of volunteer fans organized this exhibit for the occasion. Yip Tung said that although Gor Gor passed away 13 years ago, everyone still missed him very much. She also urged everyone to cherish life and not to be under the effects of negative emotions.

When she went to France with Gor Gor to work on the film LAST SONG IN PARIS (AU YIN), Yip Tung remembered Gor Gor taking the team to see the famous French exotic dance. "Actually he didn't have to, but he was very caring and very heart warming to everyone." She also remembered that when she first started, Gor Gor praised her by name to the media. She could not have appreciated it more.

Yip Tung said, "We only worked together on two movies, and we weren't close personally either. He saw that I was new and lent me a hand." She praised Gor Gor for being able to sacrifice everything for art. He never considered himself a superstar, whether the character was handsome or ugly, male or female he was able to give him all to it. She also saw Gor Gor as her role model, be more demanding to herself and understanding to others.

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