Monday, September 12, 2016


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Louis Koo, Julian Cheung and Ada Choi promote in Beijing
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The film S STORM (S FUNG BO) yesterday held a Beijing premiere. Producer Raymond Wong Pak Ming, director David Lam Tak Lun led actors Louis Koo Tin Lok, Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Ada Choi Siu Fun and Bowie Lam Bo Yi at the appearance.

Everyone shared their personal production experience on the stage. Playing the top Independent Commission Against Corruption investigation supervisor, Goo Jai felt that this film had particularly many emotional scenes that could challenge his acting. As for the gambling addict cop Cheung Chi Lam, he in the film went against his usual Greek God image and had a lot of acting fun. In the film they have a lot of scenes against each other, which were one of the film's selling point.

Although the film was "strong on the masculine side", Ada in the film stole the spotlight. However the known to be mischievous Goo Jai revealed that she and Lam Bo Yi had a scene, in which she kept having bad takes. Ada explained that because she had two daughters her memory was worse than before.

The event arranged for actors to pick up prop guns and shoot targets with the words like "gluttonous", "fun loving", "sleepy", "excessive drinking", "excessive shopping", "greedy", "lusty". Chi Lam chose "fun loving", Ada chose "gluttonous". Which one did Goo Jai choose? He said, "I like anti greed, today I am here to promote that."

As for "Jai Jai "Vic Chou Yu Man who had "good news" and was unable to take time to fly to Beijing to promote the film, he shot a video for the film not only to introduce his character in the film but also apologized for unable to promote the film in person. He hoped the film would be able to have good box office. After watching the several minute long video, Chilam suddenly said, "I feel very touched. During the shoot he didn't say much. Yet he recorded a video with so much to say to everyone."

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