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The film S STORM (S FUNG BO) opens next Thursday. In the story ICAC agent Louis Koo Tin Lok raced against major crimes cop Julian Cheung Chi Lam in the capture of killer Vic Chou Yu Man.

Goo Jai as an ICAC agent did not carry a gun. All the chase and gun fight scenes went to Chilam alone. Chilam said that the shoot was not as cool as the audience saw on the screen, because with slightly less concentration an accident would happen. He suffered an injury near his eyebrow and needed stitches at the hospital. He said, "I have never thought it was fun. I had to be more alert. If I got injured I would say I deserved it. Yet in action scenes injuring others is the most regrettable. Luckily this time no one got hurt."

Goo Jai constantly made action films and has been injured many times. The most recent time was on the Johnnie To Kei Fung directed THREE (SAM YUN HUNG) when broken glass flew into his eye. He said, "Sometimes with gun fight scenes even being more alert is useless. Accidents will happen, all you can do is be as careful as you can. When you fire a gun keep it away from the face, otherwise you are done for!"

Chilam in the film also had a car chase that still left him shaken. He said that the director asked and he did not think much about it when he took his mark. He never expected that during the shoot multiple vehicles would head toward him. After passing each one he had to do a "donut". Although he pulled it off in the end, he was already sweating bullets. Goo Jai asked why he did not use a stunt double? Chilam said, "Because you got all the money, it's too expensive. You are worth it though!"

Chilam worked with Jai Jai for the first time but joked that Jai Jai was cooler than Mr. Cool Koo Tin Lok. Goo Jai and Jai Jai worked together on DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART 2. He said that after work they went to dinner together. This time they did not have a lot of time, but the three of them still had dinner together. Jai Jai felt more reserved but was very polite, thus he was rather suitable to play the cool killer.

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