Sunday, September 11, 2016


Pakho Chau's "dragon horse" looks like Pidgeotto
Bob Lam, Andrew Lam, Babyjohn Choi, Pakho Chau and Eva Chan as Journey to the West characters
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Artists Pakho Chau, Andrew Lam Man Chung, Eva Chan Sze Wai, Babyjohn Choi Hong Yik and Bob Lam Sing Bun two nights ago worked on their new film THE SINKING CITY (SAI FONG GIK LOK ji TAI BAU TAI JI TAI HUNG CHONG) in Journey to the West character costumes. Pakho was dressed as the "dragon horse", Chan Sze Wai as the "goddess of mercy", Choi Hong Yik as "Sun Wukong", Lam Man Chung as "the Venerable Tang Monk" and Lam Sing Bun as "the Sand Monk".

Pakho's hair looked just the Pokemon Pidgeotto. In white fur he even said he was "itchy all over". "In the story we went to Sukhavati, but the furry costume gave both my nose and mouth quite a reaction." Did his character need to carry "the venerable Tang Monk" Lam Man Chung? He admitted that he did not but said the Ah Chung has played pranks on the entire team. "He doesn't just play pranks on me, but the entire team. For example he would improvise his lines and sing dirty songs." Speaking of not playing handsome this time, Pakho said that did not matter because he would play any character.

In her first film Chan Sze Wai said that the "goddess of mercy" make up took 5 hours. Her wig hurt her neck. This time she even became gentler for her character. "I am more active. After the team asked me to change into costume I had to become more reserved. As an deity I can't be so foul mouthed." Choi Hong Yik said that in order to transform into Wukong, the crew "hog tied" him. "Thy said that Wukong had a lot of chains, the costume made me immobile. (Would you move around like Wukong?) I am even on the wires, but this costume also feels like being on the wires!"

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