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Eric Kwok Wai Leung, Grace Ip Pui Man appeared in the new film THE MOMENT (CHI CHING CHI HAK) as a couple. Grace even revealed that the couple did not rehearse at home because they did not want to be too familiar with the material. For example for the proposal scene, they were afraid that they would be reminded of their own and affect the result. Eric also admitted that working with his other half was difficult because it was very hard to concentrate. He had to constantly hold back his laughter.

This time Grace in the film played a woman in business, constantly receiving pressure from her superior and leading her to force her subordinate to chase numbers. She had many yelling scenes. She said, "In one scene I had to yell at five people in a row. I even had to predict my marks. Because I had to push the people away after yelling at them, I had six or seven bad takes. At the time I wasn't at my best and I couldn't be too emotional. So I asked the director for a break as I was afraid that my heart wouldn't be able to handle it." Although this time she worked with her husband Eric, Grace said that they did not rehearse at home. "Normally when he makes movies, I would run the lines with him at home. This time I didn't. I feel we shouldn't be too well rehearsed because we are already too familiar. In one scene he has to propose to me with a ring, when I stared at him I could easily think back to when he proposed to me at the HK Coliseum. Later I felt that why not have the assistant director present the ring, since it was a close up shot anyway. I was afraid that I would be too emotional and not be suitable to make this film." Eric admitted that working with the other half was difficult. He was a rookie in acting, so it was very hard to turn someone close into the character in the film. "When I look at her she very naturally becomes my wife, so I always have to hold back my laughter to focus on my performance."

Playing a boyfriend in the film, Eric said that the character was gentle and attentive. He was also fully intelligent. "The character would completely guess what kind of person his fiance is. He knew where the problem would come from, would slowly observe from afar and do something at the suitable time. He was super gentle and romantic, he wasn't like a real person!" Grace said that in real life her husband was not a gentle person. She even revealed that early in the shoot he had to speak softly and act very gently. At the moment she could not hold her laughter because her husband was very manly.

Crossing over from music to the silver screen, Eric admitted that since working on films KNOCK KNOCK WHO'S THERE (YAU HAT DOH), ROBBERY (LO LUP) and others his acting bug acted up. Then he would read books to study acting on his own. "I learned a lot from many actors and directors in the industry, I thought that acting could help me with song writing. Acting would deeply make me understand myself, but I had to learn to come back out from the character. So song writing would have inspiration, because filmmaking is team work. However song writing would mostly be individual."

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