Monday, September 26, 2016


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Louis Cheung puts his arms around Kay Tse's shoulder and steals Bob's birthday spotlight
Bob Lam celebrates with his BIG BOYS CLUB team
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Louis Chung Kai Chung and Bob Lam Sing Bun are working on the Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) directed new film L FOR LOVE L FOR LIES TOO (SUT LUEN YUT). Two nights ago the super pregnant Kay Tse On Kay paid a surprise visit to the set. It happened to be Bob's 37th birthday as Kay and the actors celebrated with him. During the group photo Ah Chung even put his arm around his wife's shoulder.

Kay revealed that after a reunion with her university classmates she visited the set on the set. She even said that she has not keep her husband company on any all night shoot. "I didn't leave very late. I sat for awhile and left around 11 PM. I am very good. (You were wearing platform shoes!) I got bigger, and had very few pairs of shoes that fit. I am also used to wearing heels, I can handle platform shoes and I feel more comfortable." Kay even revealed that she constantly visited the set for more time to see her husband.

Bob was asked what kind of present Kay gave him. He said, "She of course gave me something, she gave me a blessing." Already a father of three girls, Bob said that he would give his daughters' clothes and toys to Kay. In addition, he revealed that this birthday was very memorable. "Earlier (Penny) Chan Kwok Fung, (Oscar) Leung Lit Wai and the TVB Program BIG BOYS CLUB producer celebrated with her. At night when we worked on the movie, Yip Lim Sum suddenly brought out a cake and everyone sang Happy Birthday. It really was very surprised."

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