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Kai Ko successfully makes a comeback
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Kai Ko and Wu Ke-Xi in ROAD TO MADALAY
Director Midi Z is mistaken for Tony leung Chiu Wai
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The Venice Film Festival two nights ago announced that THE ROAD TO MANDALAY won the FEDEORA Award for Best Film. Director Midi Z personally accepted this honor. Already returned to Taiwan, Kai Ko Chen-Tung and Wu Ke-Xi were also rather happy when they got the news.

Midi Z two nights ago personally accepted the award and thanked the Venice Film Festival for the recognition. He gave special thanks to leads Ko Chen-Tung and Wu Ke-Xi, as he described them as "very professional, hard working and risk taking actors". He was very happy to see their performance being seen and hoped to share this award with them. Midi Z repeatedly thanked Taiwan for cultivating him and revealing that "'Being able to come to Taiwan' is an arrangement of fate like winning the lotto, I am a very lucky person." Finally he said in Chinese, "Thank you Taiwan."

Already returned to Taiwan, Ko Chen-Tung and Wu Ke-Xi were rather happy to learn the news. Ko Chen-Tung was so excited that he kept on saying he wanted to fly back to Venice to receive the award. He happily said, "I am very happy that the film that everyone worked hard on for a year was able to receive the liking of European film critics! Go Chinese films!" Wu Ke-Xi shared the honored with the entire team, and gave special thanks to the Thai factory boss from Taiwan for permitting her and Ko Chen-Tung to sneak into the factory to work and greatly assisted with the production. Finally she sentimentally said, "As a part of the film, as a Taiwan actor, I feel very honored. I am especially happy for director Midi Z and congratulate him."

THE ROAD TO MADALAY won the Venice Film Festival FEDEORA Award for Best Film because director Midi Z used precise film language and art to display the actors' natural performance in a realistic way without dragging his feet. The film depicted the cruel story of the real world with elegance and precision. In addition, the jury also made special mention to Ko Chen-Tung and Wu Ke-Xi's excellent performance.

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