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The Wong Jing directed action comedy MISSION MILANO (TAU TIN DUT MO) yesterday held its Guangzhou press conference. Andy Lau Tak Wa, Wong Cho Lam, Michelle Hu Yan attended with Wong Jing. They introduced their characters. Wa Jai first said, "Before I was always the most handsome one with the best kung fu in movies. This time however I took the most beating, even from foreign thugs." Wong Jing joked that in the past he watched him beat up other people, which was not fresh enough anymore. "Watching others hit you is more entertaining". Wong Jing even asked the guests to applaud for him.

Seeing how few applauded, Wa Jai saw the chance to play pitiful. "Since there is so little aplause, don't hit me anymore." Everyone cracked up.

A fan was curious about Wong Jing having his own film releases every year and truly living up to his name as a highly productive director. Wong Jing said that MISSION will be his 97th film and he will soon reach 100. As everyone praised him as a model worker, Wong Jing felt that with Wa Jai around he did not dare to wear the model worker label. However, Wong Jing even daringly analyzed himself. He had no fear of "ruining his own label". "The movies that I make have very vulgar jokes but also have many handsome guys and pretty girls." When Wong Jing was able to continue, Wa Jai cut in and said, "They also paid a lot of money".

As for the inevitable box office question, Wong Jing revealed that he did not have a lot of pressure. The most important was for everyone to be able to laugh. Wa Jai personally wrote the lyrics for the new film's theme song LAUGH A LAUGH. He even invited Huang Xiaoming and Shen Teng to sing with him. When asked about the initial intention of the theme song, Lau Tak Wa said that he hoped to create a song with a little Hong Kong classic wuxia flavor -- amid heroic righteousness everyone could still laugh a laugh.

Wa Jai earlier got mad over the security pushing fans at the Beijing premiere. To coordinate with Wa Jai, Wong Cho Lam kept his character under wraps during the introduction. "When you see that pair of underwear, you already know my character." Cho Lam could not help but complain about the director. "Before the shoot, the director said that Yi Ling and I would have a lot of love scenes. I thought it would be with Jolin Tsai, it ended up with Evonne Sie." He also said that in the film he would put his great rear on display.

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