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Francis Ng and Charmaine Sheh both want a sequel
Francis Ng fixes Charmaine Sheh's hair
Happy rivals Nick Cheung and Louis Koo hope to work together again
Louis Koo, J.Q. Pictures chief Hong Qin and TVB chief Chan Kwok Keung
Benz Hui, Charmaine Sheh, Francis Ng, Louis Koo and Nick Cheung celebrate
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The film LINE WALKER (SI TOH HUNG JEH) made over 580 million RMB in the Mainland, with Hong Kong and Asia total box office the film broke HK$ 700 million. Actors Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Francis Ng Chun Yu and Charmaine Sheh Si Man attended the celebration banquet. The film company boss Peter Lam Kin Ngok, TVB chief Chan Kwok Keung and producer Wong Jing attended in support. Ka Fai admitted that he would like a sequel. He joked that no matter what happened to his character, he could come back as long as everyone wanted him to.

Koo Tin Lok and Cheung Ka Fai were pleased with the film making over 700 million, but Ka Fai's highest personal records still belonged to FORM VEGAS TO MACAU 2 and 3 and their respectively 950 million and 1.1 billion yuan RMB. Goo Jai said that he had no personal box office record. Would they get raises for the good performance? Ka Fai said, "The question of salary is never determined by you alone. I can ask for 1 billion but that would be impossible. In the business world it's a business. How much you are worth is how much people are willing to give you, so it's not up to me to say how much." Goo Jai left the raise question to his manager. As for Mainland authorities beginning to set limits to the top Mainland stars' excessively high film salaries, Goo Jai said that all salary related matter would be left for his manager. He would not talk about anyone but himself. Ka Fai felt that no comparison should be made with others. If investors felt the price was reasonable, that would be how the business world worked.

When will they work together again? Ka Fai joked, "Make LINE WALKER 2, we can continue our romance!" Goo Jai said that they could make a prequel. Ka Fai said, "Who says there is no resurrection in the film world? As long as everyone wants, characters can come back to life as many times as the character. In addition this film doesn't require watching the television series first. It's very independent. The second film can even be an all new underworld world."

Ng Chun Yu joked about the film breaking 700 million, "Of course I am not excited, it should be to 800 million to 1 billion. It's just 700 million, I hope it would keep rising!" Sheh Si Man said, "I am very happy, it's the first time my movie makes over 700 million!" Would she like the box office to go a little higher? She said, "It's so greedy! Of course I Hope to be a little higher like Chun Yu said!" She also revealed that the sequel script was already in the works. Chun Yu hoped to be able to make three films at all. Was 800 million to 1 billion box office was easy to reach now? Chun Yu said, "It's still very hard, I am just saying!" Would he take advantage of the film's performance and ask for a raise? Ah Sheh said, "I hope to get more screen time, which would be even better!" Chun Yu answered, "I won't, it's going to stay the same. When the contract reaches several years from now, I won't be able to get a raise even if I want to!" Chun Yu looked at Ah Sheh and joked, "Why don't you reward yourself with a little more figure, you would naturally get a raise!" Ah Sheh awkwardly said, "I don't need to, I hope to add more scenes with you in the sequel." Chun Yu said, "We have even scenes and don't need more. Earlier every scene was very tough to make."

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