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DaDa Chan and Kelvin Kwan
Eric Suen and Macy Chen
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Kelvin Kwan Chor Yiu, DaDa Chan Jing, Eric Suen Yiu Wai and girlfriend Macy Chen Mei Sze, Gordon Lam Ka Tung and Grace Ip Pui Man two nights ago attended their film THE MOMENT (CHI CHING CHI HAK)'s premiere in Tsim Sha Tsui.

In the film Kelvin and DaDa played a couple. The most memorable was when they made the argument scene when DaDa threw coffee at him. "She gave me a nasty look, at that moment I was really a little scared. That look gave me nightmares. The Hong Kong Film Award Best Support Actress truly deserved her honor."

DaDa said that in the film she and Kelvin would play from their first love at school to going out into the world. Their most intimate scene would only be holding hands, but actually the intimacy of their relationship has already surpassed actual intimacy. Was Kelvin disappointed about the lack of intimacy? He joked, "Yes, it should have been longer. Because this time the four stories happened at the same time, I hope next time would be longer. This time wasn't enough." He also said that during the shoot he had feelings for DaDa, but after work he would have nightmares.

Eric said that in the film he played a jerk who often brought women home and constantly had extremely sexy girls around him. However he was able to persist because he was used to it. He did not have to warn his girlfriend in advance either. Would she ask after watching the film? He said, "No, she would tell me to tell the girls to take more initiative. She likes to watch love scenes." He also felt that sometimes intimate scenes with position photography would feel very fake to the actors. How could they be convincing? Thus this type of scenes on certain level required fantasizing about liking the other. "Only a little kissing and hugging would be powerful. Of course with experienced actors as soon as the cameras were cut even their souls were cut. They couldn't stay in the moment, otherwise they would be in big trouble." Eric after years of talking about getting married was asked again. He only said that he definitely would announce the good news in the future.

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