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Stephen Fung posts his wedding notice online
With the married sign, Stephen Fung ties the knot
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Working together for the first time on the 1997 film BISHONEN (MEI SIU NIN JI LUEN), Stephen Fung Tak Lun and Shu Qi after 20 years of ups and downs yesterday suddenly announced their wedding in Prague. Many in the business were surprised. The new couple even sent a lot of sweet and pretty photos. In a wedding gown Shu Qi showed her happy side, but stressed repeatedly that she did not wed because she was with child.

Reportedly they are currently in Prague, Czech Republic to shoot the remake of John Woo (Ng Yu Sum)'s film ONCE A THIEF. Stephen Fung Tak Lun is the director. Even the production team did not find out about the new couple's secret mission until the day before. Producer Terence Chang Ka Chun admitted that they "fooled everyone". "Before hand they showed no trace at all. Everyday we also had the production itinerary but they actually still had time to get married. The team only got a day off yesterday!"

Lead actor Andy Lau Tak Wa was surprised about Fung and Shu's flash wedding. "It really was very secret, I didn't realize it even when I was on the set. When I learned about the news today I was very happy for them. It was very romantic, I wish them forever happiness." Reportedly Fung Tak Lun one day during the shoot suddenly said to his girlfriend, "why don't we get married".

Shu Qi said, "The wedding gown was a gift from H&M two years ago, I randomly chose the veil at a wedding shop. The art director Silver bought his suit and my pink dress on the street two days before the photo shoot. The photography master Lam Bing Chuen a week before received the order to put aside all of his jobs to fly to Prague for the shoot. We even asked for natural wind only and only brought a reflective board, haha!"

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