Thursday, May 9, 2019


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Director Adrian Kwan, Aaron Kwok and Miriam Yeung take five Children With Dreams to a pizza and pasta feast
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The Hong Kong Film Award ended last month. The event's annual project of social responsibility Hong Kong Film Awards Caring continued. Keeping his promise, Hong Kong Film Awards Caring ambassador Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and friend Miriam Yeung Chin Wa invited the five children of "Children With Dreams" to a pizza meal.

This year's Hong Kong Film Awards Caring ambassador Kwok Fu Sing earlier at the event promised to take the "Children With Dreams" for pizza. Earlier he had a day off and fulfilled his promise. He met with his friend Yeung Chin Wa, five children and their families to a typical neighborhood pizza shop in San Po Kong for a taste of pizza and pasta while sharing thoughtful gifts that Aaron and Chin Wa have prepared for them. Among them many encouraged them to study hard and be someone who would keep their promises. While everyone had fun, the children also shared their hopes. Aaron and Chin Wa both said, "Seeing the children and their families dining together, that joy absolutely makes people feel extra warm. Today's meal is very memorable and also very valuable and happy." Yeung Chin Wa encouraged the children to not only learn from Sing Sing Gor Gor to be strong but also ask them to make a promise: put an effort into their education and bravely chase their dreams.

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