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Irene Wan's role suffers a variety of abuses, which challenges her acting skills
Eddie Chan, Alice Chan and Irene Wan have a "back alley negotiation"
Eddie Chan presents an autographed DVD to Alice Chan
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Irene Wan Bik Ha, Alice Chan Wai and Golden Horse Best Actor Eddie Chan (Ai Dik) worked together on Emperor motion picture THE FALLEN (DOR LOK FA). In the story Irene was dragged and the trio had a "negotiation" scene. They shot in a dark alley, which was filled with puddles from the rain. Despite the poor environment they still focused on their performance. In the film Irene often received violent treatment from the high ranking police officer Wai Gor, as she slapped her, pulled her hair and waterboarded her. Wai Gor said that she was reluctant but Irene encouraged her to "thoroughly perform". "I encouraged her to hit hard. Then it would feel solid and real. The most important is the result looks real. I feel this role truly is very challenging."

Retired from show business for years, Ai Dik revealed that for years he has been making his home all over. "After the injury I didn't make more movies. I went to Taiwan and lived there for 11 years and in England for a year. Now I am settled in San Francisco and in the trading business. This time I am back in Hong Kong for 5 weeks, luckily someone is helping me with the business over there. After the Thailand location shoot I will fly back to the U.S." He also pointed out that since being on stage for the 50th anniversary Golden Horse Award, many have invited him to return to film. "I have already made a few, only they haven't been released yet. I am just having a little fun with the acting bug. (Are you planning a comeback?) No, I am rooted and settled over there. I would rather fly back when I would have a movie."

In addition, Wai Gor earlier at the costume fitting did not have a chance to enjoy Ai Dik's classic film MAN ON THE BRINK (BIN YUEN YUN). He two nights ago immediately presented an autographed DVD to Wai Gor. Speaking of her role, Wai Gor said, "Ai Dik Gor Gor is very gentle, I am very nervous to work with a hunk." Ai Dik joked, "How would I be willing to kill a pretty girl? Why don't we change that to spoil her to death." When Wai Gor heard that he started in 1973 she said with surprise, "I was just born that year!"

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