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Both Steven Ma and Josephine have nothing but praise for Jennifer Yu
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Jennifer Yu, Josephine Koo, Steven Ma
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Steven Ma Chun Wai and Josephine Koo Mei Wa after working together on the play TILL WE MEET AGAIN (SUN CHIN YEUK SEI HAU) would continue their mother and son relationship in the Ma Jai written, directed and starred film version. it would also add new actors like Jennifer Yu Heung Yi. With three jobs Ma Jai in the film would have huge mood swings, which led to a skin reaction. He even revealed that sometimes he would erupt on other people as an emotional release, but Yu Heung Yi praised Ma Jai as a nice guy. He never threw a tantrum at her!

Ma Jai, Sister Mei Wa, Yu Heung Yi yesterday attended their film TILL WE MEET AGAIN's production start ceremony. The film is planned for a November release. Ma Jai revealed, "The film version and the stage version have the same structure, still focusing on the mother and son relationship. The content has some changes and would be even more detailed and rich. The film version would have more visuals, including ones with more impact. The emotional upheaval would be enormous. Earlier we shot a scene and cried like crazy. The emotional changes caused me to have a skin reaction." Sister Mei Wa witnessed how hard Ma Jai worked and was stunned. She said, "At first I thought the film version was just talk, I never expected how fast he worked. (Did you tell him to slow down his pace?) He wouldn't listen. Two nights ago he just got back to Hong Kong and started work immediately. He seemed to not need to stop." Ma Jai explained, "I really want to cherish time, when I have the time I would spend it all. Luckily Ma (Sister Mei Wa) saved me a lot of time. Each time she took her mark she would already be in character."

Sister Mei Wa said that being an actor was very comfortable, but Ma Jai had other jobs and truly was not the ordinary "son". Ma Jai said, "Because I have several posts and I also have to lose weight for the role, sometimes I can sense my own neurosis, the mood swings, so the executive director and the assistant directors have to suffer my temper."

Speaking of working with Yu Heung Yi for the first time, Ma Jai said, "Earlier in SISTERHOOD (GWUT MUI) I noticed her and (Fish) Liew Chi Yu. Both left me with great impression. Yu Heung Yi performed very well in the film, so I asked her to audition. She would play my psychiatrist and would have a little romance." Sister Mei Wa also had nothing but praise for Yu Heung Yi. "Very few girls now are like her without any additive." Ma Jai joked, "The three of us are the no additive family."

Yu Heung Yi was very happy to have Ma Jai and Sister Mei Wa singing her praises. In addition this character came from an audition. She had to compete with many people and in the end received everyone's recognition. Earlier during the table read Sister Mei Wa pointed out that she has seen her movies, which caught her off guard. As for Sister Mei Wa's praise of no additive, she joked, "I just look ordinary, so today I am a little swollen. Mr. Ma is also very friendly, very sharp and nice. Despite being in numerous jobs he still has proper grasp and provides me with a lot of confidence. (Did he throw a tantrum at you?) No, he is very patient. However later I will have a scene that I have to break down and cry in, I hope Mr. Ma would accept the take. This time I play a psychiatrist, I have to memorize a lot of professional medical terms and read a lot of psychology information. In my next time I happen to play a mental patient, maybe because everyone feels I am a little crazy, haha!"

She revealed that she would work until July before having time off. She already planned to visit Greece for 10 days with her mother and sister. When she was not single before, she did not need to plan too much on vacation. Now she has to personally plan the itinerary. Her mother also said that if she knew she would have joined a tour and get more understanding on the history. Now she had to do homework even on historical background so she could be the tour guide then."

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