Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Checkley Sin and Ryan Kavanaugh team up to reshape the National Arts film studio
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The Checkley Sin Kwok Lam chaired National Art Entertainment Culture Group Co. Ltd. yesterday held a press conference to announce the strategic alliance agreement with the Hollywood production company Proxima Media and famous Hollywood producer Ryan Kavanaugh as its strategic shareholder to expand its film and television business. Ryan at the press conference said that the company has always been looking for an alliance partner in the past ten years and received invitations from many film studios and theme parks. However they would like to find a truly unique alliance partner, with National Art film studio's geographical location advantage it would be able to attract big name stars to shoot there. Ryan revealed that the National Art film studio will change its name to The World, which later would recreate many international landmarks to attract tourists. They would include the Eiffel Tower, the Africa safari and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It would plan to invest US$ 100 million on the entire project and hope to be able to raise US$ 250 million in the end.

Sin Kwok Lam revealed that the studio would have eight sound stages, the largest of which would have over 40,000 square feet. It would also have a "water sound stage" for underwater production. When asked the effect of the Mainland's "period restriction order" on its development, he said that as long as the costume period drama would not be too far from actual history it would be fine.

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