Thursday, December 3, 2020


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Donnie Yen Chi Tan earlier participated in a Mainland variety program. He sang and practiced kung fu with a mask on as guests had to guess his identity from the hints. He revealed that director Wong Jing asked him to make a movie early on, but because at the time Wong Jing's films were all commercial films and were made in fast food format they differed from his own principles. At the time Wong Jing already paid him, but in the end he returned the money. After rejecting Wong Jing he realized that his account only had HK$ 100 left.

Yen Chi Tan later added, "I already changed the vulgar Wong Jing. He now is a very sincere young director with dreams." He also said that later the movies that he made often were bombs. Someone asked whether Wong Jing laughed at him when he found out? Yen Chi Tan joked that looking back now he had a lot of regrets. If he knew he would not have returned the money.

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