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Andy Lau does not work out much because he does not want to get too big
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In the film SHOCK WAVE 2 (CHAK DAN JUEN GA 2), Andy Lau Tak Wa went from an explosive and ordnance disposal expert to top suspect. He constantly ended up in physical combat from constantly being chased. The always professional Wa Jai this continued his usual "getting his all" performance, as he personally performed all the action scenes. SHOCK 2 added many special training scenes, including rope jumping, boxing, tire lifting, combat rope training. Although a lot of physical energy could be spent during the shoot, Wa Jai never complained despite being drenched in sweat. Instead he became more and more energetic as the shoot went on.

Later Wa Jai said that he rarely worked out because he did not want to get too big. He mainly practiced aerobic exercises. He said that when he was young he tried every and any sport, but since his injury he did not dare to go too far in all his sports. Among the numerous action scenes, Wa Jai pointed out that the tire lifts were rather exhausting. Ultimately giant tires weighed a lot.

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