Friday, December 25, 2020


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Wong Yau Nam would remember his father's teaching
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Wong Yau Nam speaks to the media outside the hall and gets teary eyed when talking about his father

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Wong Yau Nam's father Wong Man Cho passed away earlier this month at age 71. Yesterday services began at Po Fook Memorial Hall in Tai Po. Tsui Tin Yau, Edmond Leung Hon Man and his wife and To Yu Fung sent floral arrangement in remembrance. Yau Nam said that he was already much calmer. He pointed out that his father's dementia was already very severe. Last year he spent this period at the hospital. He tearfully said, "Papa already hasn't been able to recognize anyone in awhile. His final days were spent at the nursing home, but because of the pandemic I was unable to constantly visit him. That day when I got the call in the morning I immediately rushed over. He went very peacefully."

Yau Nam also pointed out that Father taught him to respect people, to be courteous, to work properly. In the future he would continue to follow Father's teachings and focus on his career. How was his mother? He said, "From when it happened to now I am constantly with Mommy and sister. Although Mommy looks tough, I believe her heartbreak is no less than mine. However she hasn't hurt herself, so I can relax. People ultimately have to face it. for me I am now the head of the family, I have to support it."

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