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Eddie Peng spends most of his time in quarantine on interacting with fans

Dante Lam evaluates the cockpit and plans the dangerous stunt
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THE RESCUE has been slated for a December 18th global release. Currently Eddie Peng Yu-Yan and director Dante Lam Chiu Yin were in quarantine in their Beijing hotel to prepare for the global premiere on the night of the 16th. Speaking of being in quarantine next door, Director Lam said, "I haven't been this close to Eddie in a long time. We chatted through the wall. I would binge movies, sometimes when he was riddled with boredom he would take photos to interact with fans. (Are you looking forward to a good meal after the release?) I won't have the time. After the premiere we will be on the road and promote on television."

Although the pandemic severely impacted the release date, Director Lam was rather optimistic. "Right now everyone's interest, support and sense of involvement with THE RESCUE team is very high. Before its release its word of mouth is already rather decent. The advanced sale already broke 10 million (RMB) at the beginning. The imperfection is that Hong Kong cinemas have to suspend operation temporarily, unable to have simultaneous release."

The film had many explosions. The always serious Director Lam found a real plane for a prop. Around 120 people on the team all crammed into the cockpit and dove about 60 feet underwater to work. "At the time if any accident happened like some was short on oxygen, then it really would have been a big deal!" The film company even fully supported him to shoot on location in TITANIC's set in Mexico, as real sea water was poured into the artificial pool for the underwater scene. No wonder the Mainland media described this film was a "real version superhero".

After THE RESCUE promotion, Director Lam would remain in Beijing and with Chen Kaige and Tsui Hark direct the Korean War's 70th anniversary film, LAKE JANGJIN, which the National Film Bureau ordered the production of. The epic production would not wrap until the middle of the year. Director Lam revealed, "Everyday 2,000 extras would assist with the production. The location would be around 20 degrees below zero (Celsius). For me the cold absolutely would be a huge challenge. I really look forward to working with Wu Jing, Jackson Yee and others." His friend Nick Cheung Ka Fai will fly to Beijing for the production of another film at the end of the month. He stated that he also looked forward to catching up with him.

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