Saturday, December 19, 2020


Joseph Lam auditions for the new film and has informed his girlfriend in advance
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Joseph Lam keeps his eyes to himself

29 year old former flight attendant auditions
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The film #PTGF (CHOOK JO NUI YAU) yesterday held an actor recruitment event, over a hundred woman auditioned. Director Cheng Fung Lan and producer Chow Yin expressed that the quality of the candidates was higher than expected, the most important would be for them to have acting abilities. Their figures would be secondary. They stressed that the film content would be healthy sexy as the goal would be a category II film rating release. They also explained that they asked for former flight attendants only due to the airline downsizing wave. They were not trying to make a connecton between PTGF and flight attendants.

Taking part in the audition, Joseph Lam Chok said that he informed girlfriend Hiromi Wada. He said that he had no bottom line and would no mind full nudity.

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