Tuesday, December 8, 2020


Director Rao Xiaozhi, Andy Lau, Xiao Yang and Regina Wan
courtesy of singtao.com

courtesy of mingpao.com

ENDGAME (YUN CHIU HUNG YUNG) has been a lock for a New Year release. Two days ago it held a Year of the Ox press conference. Andy Lau Tak Wa, Xiao Yang, Regina Wan Qian and director Rao Xiaozhi attended.

The Ox welcoming press conference had a lot of Spring Festival atmosphere. The quartet immediately made bull horn dumplings for everyone. Because Wa Jai was vegetarian, the event prepared vegetarian fillings for him. However Wa Jai stated, "Early in the New Year this film won't be vegetarian!" He meant that ENDGAME would definitely be a good movie that would be rich in material and touch people's hearts!

In one scene, Wa Jai had to slap Xiao Yang three times. The director had 12 bad takes in search for the best result, in turn Xiao Yang was slapped 36 times! Even Wa Jai's hand hurt, while Xiao Yang was seeing stars.

Later, Wa Jai, Xiao Yang, Wan Qian and director Rao Xiaozhi grabbed sand to make sand art to fill every seat with a viewer -- meaning that people from everywhere would return to the movies and create a massive wave of humanity. Rao Xiaozhi said, "the entire world is looking forward to a wave of humanity. Soon it will be New Year. this film is a blessing for everyone." Wa Jai also said tha he had a different experience. "This year I slowed down the pace and had more time to spend wit the family. 2020 will very soon be gone."

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