Friday, September 4, 2009


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Sundream's new film THE UNBELIEVABLE (GWAI TAM) two days ago opened at the top of the box office, far ahead of several foreign language films that were released on the same day. Host Szeto Fat Jing and Rachel Chan Hiu Wa were extremely excited. Master Szeto said, "During the shoot, everyone risked their lives. It absolutely was worth it! If it has a sequel, it will definitely be mightier and more exciting!"
Master Szeto and Rachel held a new book signing and a Master Szeto fan club founding event. Over 400 fans attended. Master's friends Nelson Cheung Hok Yun, Emily Kwan Bo Wai and Priscilla Wong Chui Yu attended in support. Master said, "The entire event had many friends' support. I was as happy as having a grandchild! I hope that the box office will continue to rise and film companies around the world will fight over the film!"

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