Wednesday, September 2, 2009


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Karena Lam Ka Yun won the Chungmoru International Film Festival Best Actress with CLAUSTROPHOBIA (CHUN MUK), her first. Yesterday she returned from Korea, her manager and fans welcomed her at the airport and even presented cake, champagne, flowers and crown to congratulate her. Even so, Ka Yun expressed that she will not ask for a raise.

Lam Ka Yun was very surprised to see the media and the fans at the airport. Ka Yun expressed that she was very happy to win an award. At the moment of announcement she was very at peace, but got nervous right before she got to the stage. With 240 films from 40 locations in competition, she was very happy to win. Ka Yun also said that when she introduced herself as being from Hong Kong, she felt a particular sense of duty.

Ka Yun pointed out that CLAUSTROPHOBIA was a small budget film that was not too commercial, but it still showed people their hard work. Ka Yun has been in the business for years and received many nominations. She was glad that with the award she did not disappoint the director. As for the difference between winning at home and overseas, Ka Yun said that she never won in Hong Kong but was already very pleased about the nominations. She felt that her direction in film has been correct.
As a Best Actress will she ask for a raise? She said that she would not as she always charged a low price. Would she like to win in Hong Kong? She expressed that she could not wish for that. The script and the cast both had to be great, luck also played a part. She also said that she already called her mother with the good news. Her mother was so nervous that she could not sleep. Ka Yun in the middle of the month will start work on a romantic film. Now she has to study the script so the celebration will have to wait. As for her co-star Dior Cheng Yi Kin, he has not call to congratulate her yet. However his manager Sandy Lam San San asked her to go to dinner to celebrate.

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