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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Dior Cheng Yi Kin after 11 years reunite in THE STORM WARRIORS (FUNG WON II). Yesterday they appeared together in Golden Harvest Shenzehn Cinemas for a grand press conference. Also in attendance was Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin, Tang Yan and directors the Pang Brothers. The lead actors exchanged praised for each other, saying that they seemed like they had preservatives and still looked young. Ah Sa's boyfriend Ronald Cheng Chung Kei although was accused of "scoping" ou other women while shooting BEAUTIFUL COOKING in Thailand, but Ah Sa was not only in great spirit but also supportive of her boyfriend. She said that eyes were made for looking.

Yesterday several dozen media outlets covered the event, which attracted half hundred onlookers. The cinemas also was decorated with THE STORM WARRIORS posters and costumes. During the press conference, a male fan suddenly rushed the stage and presented flowers to Ekin. Security immediately pulled him off and Ekin looked somewhat awkward. Later he realized that the man wanted to give the flowers to Tang Yan.

Ekin was very surprised. "What? But he gave them to me? (Will you return them to Tang Yan?) Whatever, I accepted it. I don't know." Ah Sa said, "That was hilarious, that person's hairstyle was very similar to Ekin's." Ekin said that the directors joked about making ACTOR ASSASSINATION later. Ah Sa also said that many viewers had hairstyles that resembled Ekin's. Ekin immediately said, "Which one? They resemble your father's hairstyle. With a little more perm they look like (Leo) Ku Kui Ke." Reporters joked whether he wanted to say Cheng Chung Kei, Ekin denied and said that he meant what he said.

Ekin and Ah Sa have worked together many times. Ah Sa pointed out that Ekin did not change over the years and jokingly asked Ekin what kind of preservatives he was taking. Ekin joked, "Kwok Fu Sing and I used the same one. He didn't change either. Co-stars (Simon) Yam Tat Wa and (Ken) Ho Ka King didn't change either." Ekin returned the favor and praised Ah Sa as prettier now and knowing how to dress.

Ah Sa was asked about Cheng Chung Kei's "scoping" while shooting BEAUTIFUL COOKING in Thailand. Ah Sa expressed that she returned from Taiwan and did not see the report yet. Will she ask Cheng Chung Kei? She said, "No need, I am 'scoping guys' everyday. (Do you trust him?) The eyes were made for looking. (Aren't you jealous?) It's very hard to tell people not to look. (Will you prohibit him from 'scoping girls'?) Looking is very normal."

Kwok Fu Sing praised this film's special effect as "special effect legend" that reached international level since the founding of Hong Kong. As for Ekin's claim that he seemed to have taken preservatives, Sing Sing said that his look did not change much but mainly his mentality changed. He actually was older and more mature. However, Sing Sing expressed that now he and Ekin are even more manly. He instead felt ten years ago his skin was too smooth. Ultimately a man in his forties, he did not mind having a few wrinkles. He felt it was rather manly. Tang Yan in Sing Sing had emotional scenes in the film. She honestly said that her character Chor Chor wanted to have a relationship with Sing Sing's Bo King Wan. On her first day at work she was already under his spell. Sing Sing for the film spent two weeks on weight training for his Kirin arms. After the shoot he spent another two weeks to return them to form.

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