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After promoting in Beijing and Shanghai, THE FOUNDING OF A REPUBLIC two days ago arrived in Nanjing to participate in the Jiangsu Satellite exclusive premiere. Director Han Sanping and Huang Jianxin along with Tang Guoqiang, Zhang Guoli, Vivian Wu Kwan Mui, Liu Ye, Chen Shu, Shin Xin, You Liping to meet with the Nanjing audience. Liu Ye promised to take his wife to watch this film.

Liu Ye and his wife just returned from their honeymoon and he immediately participated in THE FOUNDING OF A REPUBLIC promotion. The media naturally did not overlook the chance to be "concerned" about his newly married life. Someone asked whether Liu Ye will take his wife to see the film at the cinema. Liu Ye said, "Yes". Someone asked, "Do you feel your wife will understand it?" Liu Ye was in a dilemma and Zhang Guoli immediately siad, "Doesn't it have English subtitle?" Then someone followed with "Will you explain this part of history to her?" Liu Ye's face was flushed.

With over 100 stars and a final runtime of 130 minutes, THE FOUNDING OF A REPUBLIC gave very limited performance time and lines. Some had 3 lines, some had 30 words, some did not even have one. The most familiar to Hong Kong are two Best Actors Andy Lau Tak Wa and Leon Lai Ming. They played Chiang Kai-Shek's general Yu Jishi and renowned soldier from the War Against Japanese Aggression Cai Tingkai. Reportedly when Lai Ming's scene was shot, Hong Kong director Peter Chan Ho Sun took time to participate in the shoot in support of this film. Although Lai Ming did not have a big part, he was still very glad and expressed, "It is rare for a film to have so many famous directors and actors as guest stars. Although not every actor has scenes together, but knowing that everyone will appear together in this film I truly feel very honored and excited."

Lau Tak Wa's Yu Jishi was a high ranking Kuomintang member who assisted Chiang Kai-Shek with his policies. In the film he even offered an air attack on Tiannanmen plan. To be able to participate in this big national film, Wa Jai felt the chance was very rare. "This historical super cast is rather enormous. I believe the film will be able to attract viewers of different age groups. I hope while everyone is paying attention to the stars can also deepen their understanding of this new China's history."

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